Who can believe it?!

Who can believe it?!

By Qays Naaman (commentary)

Who can believe that after:

  1. The rebel militias of Saleh and his Shiite extremist allies "Houthis" overthrew the internationally recognized government of President Hadi.
  2. Sabotaged Yemen's transition to a federal democratic state.
  3. The UN Security Council issued resolution 2216 (2015) to condemn their "illegitimate governing authority" and engagement in acts that "threaten the peace, security and stability of Yemen"
  4. Responded to the resolution with " a bring it on" attitude and speeches and anthems on their TV Al-Masira calling for the UN's bluff.
  5. The militias avoided all peace offers out of their religious convictions that power is not to be shared outside their holy dynasty.
  6. Committed horrific human rights abuses; killed children directly and indirectly, individually and en mass, used collective punishment blockade against cities and villages to cut them off from relief supply, recruited hundreds of child soldiers, planted nearly quarter a million landmines that have so far left hundreds of civilians killed or maimed in different parts of Yemen.
  7. Developed ballistic missiles in cooperation with Iran and the Shiit extremist group of Hezbollah and started firing them into cities! Cities In Yemen and in neighboring Saudi Arabia. Fired many of those missiles toward the highly crowded city of Marib whose area cannot be more than 80 kilometers!!


Who can believe that after all the abovementioned that, in October this year the UN proceeds to grant $14 million to the Houthis under the name of financing a demining action, an undertaking entrusted to the extremist militias who themselves planted the mines?!



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