Mothers appeal for release of sons abducted by Houthis

Mothers appeal for release of sons abducted by Houthis

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The mothers of Yemeni activists who have been abducted and forcibly disappeared by the Houthi-Saleh militias over the past years are appealing to the international human rights groups to pressure on the rebel militias to release their sons. 

The Abductees' Mothers Association staged a rally in Hodeida on Saturday to demonstrate their appeal for the world to help secure the release of their children in the rebel militias' jails.  

Children of the forcibly disappeared also joined the rally and delivered speeches and appealed to the international community to release their fathers.

They called for the unconditional release of their fathers who were abducted by the renegade military loyalists to the former dictator Ali Saleh and the extremist Shiit Islamist militias of Houthis as of September 2014 when these forced joined efforts to conduct a military coup and oppress oppositionists.

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