Houthi-Saleh kill, injure over 2000 children in Taiz until Sept. 2017

Houthi-Saleh kill, injure over 2000 children in Taiz until Sept. 2017

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The Houthi-Saleh rebel militias killed and injured more than 2000 children in the central Yemen city of Taiz from the April 2015 until September 2017.

Yemen Yemeni Coalition for Monitoring Human Rights Violation, a CSO, said in a newly released report that the radical militias killed 300 and injured 1804 children in continual bombardment with heavy artillery in the central Yemen city of Taiz.

Themed "Yemeni Children Under Fire", the Coalition's report said that "four boys and girls were killed and 193 others have been killed since the beginning of 2017, by Howitzer and mortar shells the Houthi-Saleh militias fired on the heavily populated neighborhoods and streets of Taiz."  

The Coalition said the militias attacks target mainly civilian population citing the shelling of Onswah village in western Taiz early this month which claimed the lives of five children and injured two other children.

The Coalition's reporters went to the village and gathered facts on the incident including testimonies from the killed children's relatives and acquaintances.

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