Houthis threaten to bomb oil tankers in Red Sea

Houthis threaten to bomb oil tankers in Red Sea

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The Houthi militias have threatened to bomb oil tankers in the Red Sea, in a renewal of the threat they made last week to target international shipping in the Yemeni strategic waters.


The chairman of the Supreme Revolutionary Committee Mohammed Ali al-Houthi said in a post on his Facebook page on Sunday that the militia is going to take "steps that we have never taken before; we may target oil tankers."

"We can do anything," he said.

The radical militias previously destroyed GCC countries' vessels and damaged one Saudi frigate. They used suicide boats and remotely detonated boat bombs.


In October 2016, the militia fired missiles toward a US warship in the Red Sea but all missiles missed the target, to which the US responded with striking the militias coastline radars.

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