Taiz commemorates 3 female freedom fighters

Taiz commemorates 3 female freedom fighters

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The Alliance of Women Journalists commemorated on Sunday the killing of three female Arab Spring protesters in Taiz in 11th November 2011 when forces of the former dictator Ali Abdullah Saleh were trying to forcefully quell the massive and countrywide peaceful revolt against his 33 year rule.

On the day, the Saleh forces heavily bombarded the women prayer corner in the Freedom Square of Taiz on Friday.

Tofaha al-Antari, Yasmeen al-Asbahi and Zaynab al-Odeini three young female protesters who took to the streets and Square shared with many women their male compatriots the pro-democracy and freedom uprising were killed in that shelling.

"Those sacrifices have a context in the history of Taizi women struggle," Taiz Dep. Governor Abdul-Qawi al-Mekhlafi told the commemoration ceremony.

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