International shipping in highest jeopardy level, says Chief of Staff

International shipping in highest jeopardy level, says Chief of Staff

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The chief of staff  Maj Gen. Ali al-Aqili said that the Houthi announcement of possessing new anti-ship missiles international shipping " means without doubt that shipping in the Red Sea, the Arabian Sea and even the Arabian Gulf in in the highest level of jeopardy ever since the rebels military takeover in Sana'a."

In a statement to the London-based Al-Sharq al-Awsat daily, he said that many vital regions in the Gulf have become within the range of Houthi weapons.

The Commander of Reservist Forces in the Yemeni army Maj. Samir al-Haj said that " the Houthi-Saleh camp's continuously verbalized and practiced threats toward the safety of shipping are resulting from the lack of scrutiny of the sea from Oman until the middle of the Arabian Sea."

"Of the challenges faced," al-Haj said, "is the difficulty to distinguish which commercial ships hide arms and missiles among the goods."

He said that the army's significant gains in east of the capital Sana'a, Nehjm, "has confused the military calculations of the rebels, which they made them direct threats explicitly and shamelessly to shipping activities amidst an international silence

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