Houthis threaten new terror strikes in the Red Sea

Houthis threaten new terror strikes in the Red Sea

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The radical Shiit Islamist militia, Houthis which controls Yemen's north including the capital Sana'a has implicitly threatened to launch new terror strikes in the Red Sea in case the Arab Coalition and the Yemeni government sought to dislodge them from the western coastlines.

"In case the enemy takes any foolish act in the western coast, the Yemeni people will take a defining decision in the Red Sea!" tweeted Mohammed Abdusalaam, the spokesman of the organization, which with the alliance of the ousted President Ali Abdullah Saleh accomplished a military takeover in September 2014.  

Early this year the rebel militia attacked a Saudi warship off the western coast of Yemen, causing an explosion that killed and injured five crewmen. They used remotely controlled boat bombs in the attack.

With Iranian help, the expertise of amending and firing ballistic missiles is now in their hands. They have fired several missiles toward Saudi Arabia, the last of which was intercepted by the Saudi military near Riyadh on Saturday.

This Tuesday, Houthi leaders inspected new a group of sea missiles, the militia-run news agency "Saba" claimed to had been "locally manufactured."    

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