Rights group documents 602 violations against civilians in September

Rights group documents 602 violations against civilians in September

The National Committee for Investigating Human Rights Violation Allegations have documented 602 violations against civilians in Yemen during August and September 2016. The documented crimes included killing, injuries, indiscriminate bombardment of houses, detention, enforced disappearance, child recruitment, occupation of public facilities and torture of detainees. Targeting civilians with shells: 25 Airstrikes by the Arab Coalition: 12 Killing of civilians: 408 Wounding of civilians: 187 Detention: 299 Enforced disappearance: 13 Blowing up of houses: 49 Child recruitment as soldiers: 21 Enforced disappearance: 13 Targeting intellectuals: 2 Storming and destroying mosques: 4 Occupying schools and public facilities: 3 Torture of detainees: 14 Storming houses: 53 Plantation of landmines: 3 Looting and confiscation of humanitarian assistances: 1 (About 220 beneficiaries were deprived of having assistances)

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