Hadi: Iran is seeking to establish a new Hezbollah

Hadi: Iran is seeking to establish a new Hezbollah

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President Abdu Rabbu M. Hadi said, "Iran is seeking to establish a new Hezbollah on the borders of the Kingdom [of Saudi Arabia] by supporting the Houthi's militia."

Hadi was holding a meeting with senior state officials including Prime Minister Ahmed bin-Daghr who arrived to the Saudi capital, Riyadh, from Aden.

Iran is using the Saleh-Houthi militias as tools for destabilizing neighboring countries, particularly Saudi Arabia.

"The militias imposed an unfair war on the Yemenis in service to the Iran," he said.

He reiterated Yemen's commitment to peace based on the three internationally backed terms of reference for any peace process saying from his latest meetings with international officials and organizations he received confirmations of support to the three terms of reference and to the government until the reversal of the coup and restoration of the state.

He said that efforts are being made to restore economic stability in cooperation with the WB and the IMF, an aspect of which was the agreement to earmark USD 1 billion for the Social Care Fund.

Iran has supported the Houthi militias with weapons and expertise causing them to evolve from merely using procured weapons to the level of developing local versions of Iranian missiles and to amend the range and diameter of impact of ballistic missiles.

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