Abductee tortured to death by Houthi militia in Hodeidah

Abductee tortured to death by Houthi militia in Hodeidah

The Sana’a-based association of abductees’ mothers has revealed that a dead body of an abductee, bearing severe signs of torture, was found kept at Revolution Hospital’s mortuary in the port city of Hodeida. 

The association, in a statement posted on its official Facebook page, said that the family of the leader in the Yemeni Islah Party, Mohammed M. Heshaibri, 43, who was kidnapped by militias of Houthis and ousted president Saleh on March, found him dead at the mortuary of Hodeida’s Revolution Hospital after months of torture. 

According to the statement, Houthis informed the dead abductee’s family of the place of his body on Tuesday, demanding them not to ask about how he died. 

Meanwhile, the mothers of abductees staged on Monday morning a protest rally before the building of Capital Secretariat in Sanaa, demanding the release of the abductees and the forcibly disappeared held captive in Houthi prisons and the implementation of the amnesty the de facto authority issued a few months ago. 

It called on international human rights organizations to visit prisons and detention centers of the Houthis, where thousands of abductees are being held captive, in order to check on their safety and provide them with services and health care they need. 

On December 5, the Association issued a statement wherein it confirmed that abductions take place on a daily basis by the armed groups of Houthis and ousted president. 

“Hardly a week goes by without an abductee is killed under torture in the prisons of the Houthis,” the statement said 

The association holds Houthi-Saleh armed groups responsible for health and safety of the kidnapped and forcibly disappeared and for what may happen to them, considering abduction and torture crimes against humanity and stressing that there is no statute of limitations on such crimes.

During the gathering, Houthi gunmen offended the mothers of detainees, trying to attack and insult them by saying bad words, but some of the Capital Secretariat staff intervened to defend them. Published by WJWC

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