Despite war, Yemenis mark Yemen's national day

Despite war, Yemenis mark Yemen's national day

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Yemenis in a number of Yemeni cities marked the 55th anniversary of the national day, 26 September, in spite of the war which is ravaging the state.

Mass people gathered in the city of Taiz, commemorating the national day in spite of the sieve imposed by the Houthi-Saleh militias for more than two years.

The ceremony celebrated the revolution that toppled the regime of the Hameed al-Deen family in northern Yemen on September 26, 1962.

During the rule of Imam Yahia on the northern part of Yemen, many attempts to end the rule of Al-Hamiduddine family were staged but they failed until the revolution of 26 September 1962.

 The revolution aimed at ending backwardness and isolation, in addition to its six objectives characterized by clear perspective and deep awareness, and determining with precision and objectivity the features of the radical changes in Yemen’s reality in all aspects of life, socially, economically, developmentally, militarily and politically.

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