Houthi court tries two brothers in Ibb on charges of stealing two kgs of tomatoes

Houthi court tries two brothers in Ibb on charges of stealing two kgs of tomatoes

Human rights sources have revealed the Houthi trial of two young brothers in one of the courts run by the foreign-backed sinister Shiit militia in Ibb Governorate in central Yemen after three months of detention of the two brothers on charges of stealing 2 kilo grams of tomatoes from a governmental agricultural nursery.

The sources said that a Houthi court tried two brothers from Al-Qafr District in Ibb Governorate, a few days ago on charges of stealing tomatoes (estimated at about 2 kilo grams) from the agricultural nursery located on the campus of Ibb University.

The sources added that the defendants were tried at the end of last Hijri month of Shaaban .

The sources indicated that the court interrogated the defendants, and during their defense, they stated that they had resorted to theft owing to abject poverty and compelled by the need to put something on the table for their hungry family.

The incident sparked widespread disapproval and anger in the human rights and social community as a result of the trial of two citizens on charges of stealing 2 kilograms of tomatoes, the value of which does not exceed 300 riyals, coinciding with the collapse of citizens’ living conditions due to the militia's coup and years long war, at a time when state institutions and revenues are being looted and robbed by the leaders of the foreign-backed Shiit militia.

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