Clashes between armed factions in Aden

Clashes between armed factions in Aden

A short while ago, clashes broke out between armed formations affiliated with the Transitional Council north of the interim capital, Aden, in the south of the country.

Local sources told Al-Sahwa Net that clashes broke out between two factions of the transitional armed formations in the vicinity of Alsafina roundabout in the Sheikh Othman District, north of the temporary capital, Aden.

The sources added that the clashes broke out against the backdrop of an attempt by one of the factions to arrest an officer in another faction led by Muslih al-Dharhani, one of the STC factions, called Ahmed al-Raghwa.

The temporary capital, Aden, is under the control of the armed militias affiliated with the transitional council, and the city witnesses frequent clashes between these factions.


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