Gaza: 40 Palestinians are victims of the Israeli war on Gaza

Gaza: 40 Palestinians are victims of the Israeli war on Gaza

The government media office in Gaza announced that the Israeli war on Gaza Strip, which has entered its 33rd day, has affected about 40,000 Palestinians, leaving civilians martyrs, wounded and missing.

The head of the government media office, Salama Marouf, said in the press conference, on Tuesday evening, that since the start of the Israeli aggression on the seventh of last October, martyrs toll has risen to 10,328, including 4,237 children, 2,719 women and girls, and 631 elderly people, and reports have also been recorded of more than,000 missing and 26,000 injured.

He added that government teams recorded the death of 1,021 residents of Gaza City and the northern Gaza Strip who had been displaced to areas that the occupation claimed were safe in the south of the Gaza Strip, and 49 journalists also were killed since the start of the aggression.

He added that 192 medical and health personnel were killed, 40 ambulances were destroyed, 113 health institutions were severely damaged, and 18 hospitals and 40 health centers were taken sent out of service.

Salam said that the occupation has so far committed 1,071 massacres against Palestinian families, claiming the lives of thousands of people and wounding thousands others the majority of whom are women and children.

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