Mass demonstrations in several governorates condemn occupation crimes in Palestine

Mass demonstrations in several governorates condemn occupation crimes in Palestine

Today, Friday, a number of Yemeni governorates witnessed massive public marches to condemn the ongoing Zionist crimes against the residents of the Gaza Strip and to demonstrate support for the Palestinian resistance forces.

Thousands of Taiz people gathered in Freedom Square to perform Friday prayers, in solidarity with the Palestinian people, and to denounce the unprecedented crimes of the Zionist occupation in killing children and women and demolishing neighborhoods and roofs over the heads of their inhabitants in the besieged Gaza Strip, under the watchful eye of the international community.

In Aden, Marib, Lahj, Al-Dhalea, Ibb, and Al-Mahra, thousands participated in angry marches in solidarity with the people of the Gaza Strip, and denouncing the Zionist occupation’s massacres against civilians and its continuous bombing of residential neighborhoods.

The participants in the demonstrations raised the national and Palestinian flags, chanting slogans demanding victory for the people of the Gaza Strip as a result of the genocidal war they are being subjected to by the Zionist occupation, chanting slogans praising the “Al-Aqsa Flood.”

The Popular Committee for Supporting Palestine announced its full support for the Palestinian cause until the liberation of Palestine and Al-Aqsa from the abomination of the occupation, praising the heroics of the Palestinian resistance in Gaza, which destroyed the myth of the invincible army.

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