Houthi escalate abuses against truckers in Hodeidah

Houthi escalate abuses against truckers in Hodeidah


The terrorist Houthi militia have been escalating abuses against drivers of heavy transport trucks in Hodeidah Governorate, which doubled the drivers' suffering and threatens the livelihoods of dozens of them.

Drivers told "Al-Sahwa Net" that the Houthi militia prevented them from transporting goods from the port of Hodeidah to other governorates to secure an advantage for private companies affiliated with the leaders of the militia.

They added that the militias treated them unfairly and with racist behavior, and monopolized the transportation of goods and merchandise from the port of Hodeidah and Salif to the militia's members only, which threatens to harm truck drivers and dump them in the sidewalks of unemployment, destitution, poverty and deprivation.

According to a member of the Heavy Transport Syndicate, the Houthi militia took over the transportation of goods from the port of Hodeidah to the capital, Sanaa, and other governorates under its control, with a fleet of 400 trucks, and gave it priority in transporting goods, which caused the truck owners, who have been working in the port for more than ten years, to stop their transportation.


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