Parties alliance: May 22 a historic moment whereby most important goal of "September & October" revolutions was achieved

Parties alliance: May 22 a historic moment whereby most important goal of "September & October" revolutions was achieved

The National Alliance of Yemeni Political Parties and Forces said that "May 22, 1990 represented a national day for all Yemenis, and a historical moment in which the most important goal of the September and October revolutions was achieved." The alliance indicated that this day opened the door for our Yemeni people to achieve their desired dream of freedom, democracy and building a modern national state. The National Alliance extended its warmest congratulations to the political leadership represented by the Presidential Leadership Council, to the masses of our Yemeni people, the men of our armed forces and the valiant popular resistance stationed in the arenas of honor and heroism, on the occasion of the 33rd anniversary of the re-establishment of Yemeni unity and the proclamation of the Republic of Yemen. In a statement issued today, Saturday, the alliance stressed the need to redouble efforts towards unifying the national ranks at the official level by supporting the Presidential Leadership Council, and at the popular level by resisting the phenomenon of political erosion, strengthening the role of civil society, and mobilizing the forces of resistance, tribes and various groups of society towards the goal of restoring the state and the project of the federal civil state. The statement of the National Alliance referred to fair tackling measures for the southern issue that were included in the comprehensive national dialogue document, which must be built upon, enriched and developed through dialogue. The alliance commended the decision of the Leadership Council led by President Dr. Rashad Al-Alimi, according to which the conditions of part of the military retirees were addressed. It stressed the need to address the conditions of all those who were expelled from public office due to previous conflicts, both military and civilians, in all governorates of the country, north and south. He added, "The war waged by the Iranian-backed Houthi militia against the Yemeni people has opened, sometimes in what it calls confrontation of aggression, and at other times in what it claims to defend Yemeni unity, while everyone realizes that what that militia has done and is still is the main reason that brought the country to death." What it has reached, and it has become a pretext and opened the door wide for the emergence of some dynastic, sectarian and regional tendencies to overlook with their narrow projects threatening the unity of the country, the entity of the state, its republican system and the social fabric of the people of the one country.


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