Taiz: Soldier killed in Houthi drone attack

Taiz: Soldier killed in Houthi drone attack

A soldier was killed in a drone strike by the Houthi terrorist militia in the central Yemen city of Taiz on Tuesday, military sources have said.

 The Taiz army's Media Center said in a statement today the Houthi drone killed the soldier in the western frontline of the besieged city as the Houthis continue to avoid keeping up their end of a UN-brokered truce agreement to end the seven year siege on Taiz and even persist in waging a unilateral war on the city. The lightly-armed government forces thwarted ground attacks in Jabal Habashi area today.

Houthis resorted to drone attacks and helicopters have been spotted circling over the city as the Sau*di empowered militia have always enjoyed the f*ree*dom to arm themselves including recently by introducing helicopters to their arsenal.

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