Western media incite felling Yemen gov't-held cities to militias

Western media incite felling Yemen gov't-held cities to militias


By Abdullah Abu Al-Hassan


However big the events are in our country, they should not distract us from being constantly mindful what is in the western press.

Over the past seven years, western reporters and researchers have demonstrated a monomaniacal fundamentalism as they seek to promote the cause of Yemen's Shia Houthis (the bloodiest terror organization on planet Earth) at the expense of the true cause of the Yemeni people.


Let's have a look at what some of these media outlets have been focusing on in the past few days as the government forces and government-held cities came under a barbaric invasion from S.au*di- and Em/i/rati-backed separatists in the south and southeast (like Shabwa province):


  1. Bombs in Yemen have stopped but children are still denied life-saving treatment: A report (from the US network CNN) playing humanitarian concerns with the ulterior motive of promoting the full lifting of "blockade" on the main Houthi-held airport in Sana'a so that the Shia Houthis controlling the safe city in the north can have more luxurious flight options to more destinations and be granted the privileges of a sovereign state more and more. Western media usually portray Yemen's problems from the Houthi point of view and ignore the cities under real blockade, like Taiz which Houthis have been besieging for seven years.

-         Truce Test: The Huthis and Yemen’s War of Narratives an analysis by the International Crisis Group that simply argues a solution to the Yemeni conflict can be reached, if the "right mix" of "incentives" to the Shia Houthis who have swallowed most of Yemen with the plot of the west and S.di Ara*bia.


-         Yemen’s Prospects for Unity Are Uncertain after Many Years of War, a report by the Arab Center Washington DC (ACW), a Washington-based authoritative research center on the Arab world. This report is what instigated the latest U.A*E assault (through rogue separatist militias) that led to the capture of Shabwa from the government forces.

 Western research institutions have a history of urging the Gulf regimes to 1- cut their day-by-day support which the legitimate army depends on (as internationally drawn), so that the army melts away and loses territories to Shia Houthi terrorists who are privileged with the freedom to import arms in some ways and to 2-  capture cities from the army by force and hand them over to the militias as what happened in Socotra, Aden and now Shabwa. 

After this analysis and ill-recommendations from the Jamestown Foundation, Aljawf governorate fell to the hands of Houthis!!

Yemenis need to know that before every fall of a city, there is a western media and or research institution publishing an analysis or a report guiding the Arab regimes.

·     Western reports influence events in the region. This is key to understanding the about-turn in the Sa.u.di policy toward Yemen


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