Separatists launch massive abuse campaign against northern Yemenis in Shawa: press summary

Separatists launch massive abuse campaign against northern Yemenis in Shawa: press summary


  1. Southern separatists are filtering out the residents of the southeastern Yemen province based on regional affiliation and throwing people from the country's north in jails, source say. The U*AE -backed "Shabwa Defense" militia are also seizing properties of displaced people and kidnapping shopkeepers from the north and assigning trumped-up, serious accusations to them to justify their forcible disappearance./ Al-Waal Alyemeni and other websites
  2. Watch videos showing "Shabwa Defense" forces arresting northern Yemen shopkeepers in Shabwa/Al-Waal Alyemeni
  1. The tribes of Shawa are gathering in the provincial capital to defend it from the U*AE-created racist (regionalist) militias who hail from the Radfan-Dhale'a-Yafe'a Triangle./Multiple websites
  2. Confrontations have renewed in Shabwa as the separatists attack the police camp. The U*AE -appointed governor continues to recruit armed militants to face showdown with the regular government forces ./Multiple websites.
  3. Confrontations expand in Shabwa and a number of civilians killed/Alharf 28.
  4. Separatists enforce a campaign of mass displacement of northern Yemenis from Ataq, the provincial capital of Shabwa/Ethraa.
  5. Four people die of floods in Hajjah/Taiz Time
  6. Houthi militia shell the Old Airport Neighborhood in the besieged city of Taiz/Alsahwa Net
  7. Houthi militia invade Hamdan region outside Sana'a, thrown dozens of people in jail/Alsahel Algharbi
  8. Shabwa governor is handing out one thousand Saudi rial banknotes to crowds of people outside Ataq to encourage them join the fight against the regular government forces/Taiz Time.
  9. Heavy rains leave a disaster in Marib IDPs camps/Yemeni Sport


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