'Quarterly report by Maat for Peace: Houthis at the forefront of terror organizations ': Press Summary

'Quarterly report by Maat for Peace: Houthis at the forefront of terror organizations ': Press Summary

  1. In areport entitled the Terrorism Index in the Arab Region, the Egyptian civil society organization Maat for Peace has put Yemen's Houthis at the forefront of the organizations that carried out terrorist operations during the period (April –June 2021) with 57 terrorist operations towards civilian targets in Yemen and Saudi Arabia / Maat website
  2. Yemen's Prime Minister has called on the new UN Special

Envoy to avoid the policy of appeasing Houthi militants, in an implicit criticism of the former envoy Griffiths' /multiple websites.


  1. Why the Joe the Biden Administration supports the Houthi terrorist gang./News Line.
  2. Houthi militants raise customs by more than 100% tax exacerbating humanitarian crisis in their controlled part of Yemen as part of constant efforts to raise more funds for their unrelenting war. /Multiple websites
  3. Army experts begin decontaminating the recently liberated district of Rahabah in Marib, from the Houthi-laid landmines/Multiple websites.
  4. People in the city of Aden to have a sad Eid Al-Adhaha holiday due to currency collapse and lack of salaries payment./Aden Alghad
  5. The Yemeni government has sent a memo to the International Criminal Court to demand the arrest and prosecution of the Aden-based Salafi cleric and vice chair of the [UAE-aligned] STC militia over his repeatedly announced legal opinions calling for the murder of government soldiers. /Almashehad Alyemeni
  6. Yemen's PM calls on "brotherly and friendly countries to offer an urgent support to prevent a full collapse of the Yemeni economy that will make any salvage intervention later difficult."

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