UST Shareholders appeal for halt of arbitrary actions

UST Shareholders appeal for halt of arbitrary actions

Alsahwa Net- Shareholders of the University of Science and Technology (UST), a premier private university in Sana’a of Yemen have appealed to the concerned local and international bodies to stop arbitrary actions taken by the Houthis against the UST, its teaching hospital and its leadership.

The Houthis detained the UST rector, Hamid Aqlan, seized management of the university, dismissed several academic officials and replaced them with their affiliated members and seized the university’s hospital in late last January.

“We appeal to the official authorities and the concerned judicial authorities, as well as all the loyal people of this country whose situation has become deplorable, by the necessity of pressing the concerned persons in Sana'a to quickly stop the arbitrary and unfair actions taken against the university” a statement by the UST’s shareholders said.

The shareholders said that when they found the UST, they had a noble mission which is to serve and develop their home country Yemen.

They indicated that the UST provides its service to everyone in line to existing rules and quality standards.

In recognition to its professionalism and transparency, the UST had several partnerships with local, regional and international institutions.

“However, we are all shocked with the recent arbitrary measures taken against the university and its leadership, under unjustifiable and illegal reasons, and through un-competent bodies,” the statement read.

The Houthis measures taken against the UST included property requisition of the UST, its facilities, its rights and its teaching hospital and detention of the UST president.

“These measures violate all existing laws, rules and norms, without paying attention to the public interest resulting from tampering with this institution, as well as the legal rights of the shareholders,” the statement said.

The shareholders explained that the Houthis’ actions against the UST damage the community interest and threaten rights and future of employees.

Previous mediation attempts by the UST shareholders to resolve the issue the Houthis officials have failed so far, according to the statement.

 They threatened taking judiciary actions to preserve investors’ and employees’ rights and human rights of the university’s rector.

“we affirm our adherence to our legal right to restore and preserve the institution and claim compensation for the consequent damages, either through the local judiciary or otherwise,” the shareholders said.

“We also call on all international human rights, educational and professional organizations and institutions to intervene and mount pressure on those concerned in Sana'a to respect the legal, social and humanitarian rights,” they added.

Several private business institutions in the Houthis-held areas have been vulnerable to Houthis’ confiscation since the Houthis militia took control of the capital Sana’a in late September 2014. 

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