Tribal chief of Socotra rejects anti-government rebellion

Tribal chief of Socotra rejects anti-government rebellion

Alsahwa Net- Issa Salim Bin Yaqoot, Chief of tribal leaders in Socotra Archipelago issued a statement on Friday rejecting attempts of rebellion against the government.

This coincides with rebellion attempt in the archipelago by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) supported militants.

The rebellion is led mainly by the sacked security chief who refused to leave the job.

Bin Yagoot called on the people of Socotra to strengthen peace, security and unity and focus on development of their archipelago.

He reaffirmed support to the government, the president Abd Rabo Mansour Hadi and governor of Socotra, Ramzi Mahroos.

For his part, Mahroos gave a deadline to the sacked security chief for handing over all security equipment and vacate the security headquarters from any informal gunmen. The deadline ends on Sunday 6 October 2019.

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