UAE-backed militants abduct two government officials

UAE-backed militants abduct two government officials

Alsahwa Net- The United Arab Emirates (UAE) supported-Southern Transitional Council (STC) militants abducted on Tuesday two government officials in Abyan, local sources said.

The militants kidnapped on Tuesday commander of the bodyguard to the Minister of Interior, Al-Khadr Jadeeb, his brother Nasser Jadeeb and two of his escort in Abyan.

In Aden, the STC militants have arbitrary arrested engineer, Nadim Abdulwhab, manager of the Public Water and Sanitation Corporation in Al-Bariqa district.

These arrests are part of a large security raids carried out by the STC separation rebels against pro-government citizens and government officials following their seizure of Aden and Abyan on 10 August 2019.

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