Islah’s President sends influential messages to Yemeni people

Islah’s President sends influential messages to Yemeni people

Alsahwa Net- The Islah party had many things to say to the Yemeni people, the party’s supporters, its political partners, the legitimate government, the Saudi-led coalition and the international community.

Mohammed Al-Yadoumi, president of the party seized the party’s 29th establishment anniversary to send many significant messages during his speech he delivered last Thursday.

The speech came in a very critical time of Yemen’s history where the country has been at war for over five years between the government forces supported by the Saudi-led coalition and the Iran-backed Houthis rebels.

The country has been also raged by a new armed rebellion in parts of south Yemen where pro-separation rebels known as the Southern Transitional Council (STC) sized Aden city on 10 August 2019.

Both the Houthis and the STC justified their rebellion acts by claims to eliminate the Islah party. Yet, both rebels took control of the state offices and the government military bases.

The Islah party’s president, Al-Yadoumi has voiced his party’s positions towards all ongoing key developments in the country and sent many influential messages to the Yemeni people, the party’s supporters, the legitimate government and the Saudi-led coalition.

The Islah party experiences brutal intimidation by both rebellion militants in Sana’a and Aden whereby Islah members and leaders were subject to horrific acts of murder, arbitrary arrests, forcible disappearance and its headquarters were vulnerable to systematic destruction.

However, the party’s president managed in his speech to reply rationally to all this continued intimidation:

 We, at the Islah party, are aware that magnifying Islah’s share of the government is nothing, but clear signs of intentions to not only eliminate the party, but to devote conflict causes in Yemen and hinder success of any political solution. Islah rejects such allegations and affirms that the new rebellion [in Aden] has distracted Yemenis from the main battle against the Houthi’s coup. The rebels [in Aden] must be aware that their acts stabbed the legitimate government in the back and that such thing benefits only the Houthis in Sana’a. The old and new rebels (the Houthis in Sana’a and the UAE-supported separatists in Aden) and their supporters are merely powers that targeted the national project, harmed the Yemeni state and its institutions and consequently damaged citizens’ rights and their fundamental needs. They embodied mutiny, destruction and destabilization.

Joint political coalition to support state retrieval

Al-Yadoumi highlighted the need for joint systematic political work among Yemen’s political parties towards the state retrieval and the need to forget past disagreements and close political retaliation:

In countries suffering political turmoil and teardown of national unity, individual and competitive political action have no meaning, and no single political force, no matter how capable, can overcome the crisis by acting alone.

From this outlook, Islah recognizes that there is no way out of the state of social fragmentation and severe political division Yemen is going through, except through collective action on the basis of partnership and national consensus without exclusion and no domination at the expense of others. Therefore, Islah has and still been keen on the activation of the National Alliance of political parties as the most appropriate formula for uniting forces and mobilizing resources to restore the state and overthrow the coup. Islah emphasizes the need to leave the past, overcome hatreds, close political and social revenge issues and bridge the gaps of inter-conflict that enable Yemen's internal and external enemies to harm our present and future.

Islah pro-government positions

The president of the Islah party explained in his speech that the party’s pro-government support is based on the party’s values towards state support and not for partisan benefits:

We in Islah reject and condemn the demonizing campaign used against Islah. We have seen how the ill campaigners turn the party's support to the government to controversies through which they seek to extort the party. Some often seek to twist facts, portraying Islah's strong support to the government as a pursuit of partisan interests. Here emerges the problem of those who judge things based on narrow partisan interests because they think that any solid national position must have a partisan motive behind it.

By supporting the government, the Islah is consolidating the principle of the state. The support and strengthening of the government is one of the most important gains that are not only in favor of Islah, but for all the parties and all the people. And it is of course a gain above all the special gains. And Islah's pro-government attitude emanates, most of all, from the party's sense of national commitment.

Diversion of the Saudi-led coalition goals

The Saudi-led coalition intervened in Yemen in March 2015 with its declared goals which were to end the Houthis’ rebellion and restore Yemen’s security and stability.

However, this has not been materialized yet amidst military and financial support to new rebellion in the government-held areas by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) which is the mainly ally to the Saudi-led military campaign in Yemen.

Al-Yadoumi called on Saudi Arabia to resolve diversion of the UAE acts in Yemen:

We strongly condemn the UAE's bombing of the armed forces in Aden and Abyan governorates, which left hundreds of martyrs and wounded, and we reject the subsequent accusation of the army as terrorists. We consider this a deviation from the objectives of the Arab Coalition for supporting the government, call for a review of the irregularities that caused the delay of the military solution. We are confident in the ability of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to contain the consequences of this aggression, end the state of rebellion in the interim capital Aden and ensure the return of the state with all its institutions to perform its functions fully and undiminished. In this context, we call for an investigation into all incidents of targeting civilians and to expose the claims promoted by the Houthis and call for guaranteeing the right of victims to equity.

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