EU renews support for Yemen’s unity and stability

EU renews support for Yemen’s unity and stability

Alsahwa Net- The European Union (EU) renewed on Thursday its support for unity and stability of Yemen.

The EU spokesperson said this in a statement on the background of Aden’s clashes that flared up on Wednesday. He echoed calls by the UN Special Envoy to Yemen on all parties to stop violence and to immediately engage in dialogue to resolve any dispute.

The statement said that it expects all parties to bind by the UN ongoing peace process for comprehensive and sustainable solution to end the conflict.

The statement came following rhetoric and armed attacks by pro-separation forces against government’s institutions and forces.

The UAE-backed pro-separation forces clashed with the Presidential Guard forces that guard the presidential palace. The clashing led to death and injury of unidentified number of people. The palace is also a temporary headquarters for the cabinet.

The local news website Al-Masdaronline quoted its reporter in Aden on Thursday that clashes stopped in the city, but tension remains high amidst expectations that fighting might erupt again.

The Presidential Guard forces still control the palace and the pro-separation forces barricade at entrances of Crater city in an attempt to impose a siege on the pro-government forces.

The news website reported that the Saudi-led coalition sent a de-escalation committee to contain the military clashes and end the dispute.


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