Saudi diplomat: Saudi-led coalition supports Aden security

Saudi diplomat: Saudi-led coalition supports Aden security

Alsahwa Net- The Saudi Ambassador to Yemen, Mohammed Saeed Aal Jaber tweeted on Thursday that the Houthi militia is the sole party that benefits from ongoing military clashes between pro-separation forces and the government forces.

He highlighted that last Thursday’s attacks against one police station and Al-Jala’a Military Camp is a continuous approach of destruction against Aden that the Houthis started in 2015.

“Aden will remain safe and stable by support of the coalition and wise men,” said Aal Jaber.

Clashes in Aden city erupted on Wednesday following a call by deputy leader of the pro-separation Southern Transitional Council, Hani Bin Buraik on his supporters to attack the presidential palace in the city.

Ahmed Al-Maisari, Yemen’s Minister of Interior, said on Wednesday in a video statement that the government’s Presidential Guard foiled attempts to storm the Presidential Palace and Headquarters of the Central Bank of Yemen.

“We will do our legal job to protect state institutions in coordination with the Saudi-led coalition against outlawed entities,” said Al-Maisari.

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