Saudi-led coalition rejects Aden armed escalation

Saudi-led coalition rejects Aden armed escalation

Alsahwa Net- The spokesman of the Saudi-led coalition, Turki Al-Maleki said on Wednesday that the coalition opposes recent military escalation by pro-separation forces that attempt to overthrow the government.

Al-Maleki said that the joint command of the coalition watches developments in Aden and feels concern towards violence use against government institutions.

“Leadership of the coalition will not accept any tampering against interests of the Yemeni people,” said Al-Maleki.

He called on all parties to be wise and prioritize the national interest over partisan agendas and to work for the legitimate government of Yemen to overcome this critical stage of Yemen’s history.

He indicated that latest military escalation by pro-separation forces in Aden benefits only terror groups such as the Houthis, Daesh and Al-Qaeda who incite division among the Yemeni people.

The statement by Al-Maleki followed military violence by the security belt forces when deputy leader of the Southern Transitional Council (STC), Hani Bin Buraik called on Wednesday his supporters to storm the Presidential Palace in Aden.

Armed clashes broke out on Wednesday and renewed on Thursday between pro-separation forces and the government forces following growing tension between the two sides.

The recent escalation mounted this week following last Thursday’s terror attacks against one police station and one military camp that killed and injured dozens of security and military personnel.

Daesh declared responsibility of the suicide attack that targeted the police station and the Houthis took credit of the missile attack against the military camp.

However, Bin Buraik blamed the government forces for the attack and incited his local militants to attack government offices.

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