Aden runs out of vegetables and fruits following illegal deportation

Aden runs out of vegetables and fruits following illegal deportation


Alsahwa Net- Residents in Aden could not find vegetables and fruits to buy following illegal deportation of northern workers who work or run vegetable business shops throughout the city.

Following terror attacks in the city, hundreds of northern citizens in Aden have been vulnerable to illegal arrest, detention and deportation by local security forces affiliated to the Southern Transitional Council that demands separation of south Yemen from the north.

Eyewitnesses and local sources said that vegetable and fruit shops in Aden were shut down following massive deportation of northern workers from the city.

Vegetable markets in Sheikh Othman and Al-Mansoura district came to complete shutdown during the past three days.

The Security Belt Forces stormed on Saturday the central vegetable market in Al-Mansoura district, arrested workers and business owners and deported them to their hometowns in the north.

The vegetable market in Al-Mansoura supplies remaining district of Aden with fruits and vegetables.  

Although the Houthis declared their responsibility for the attack against the military camp in Aden, the Southern Transitional Council that commands the security belt forces, blamed the government for the attack.

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