To the Yemeni government: Discard ointments, excise cancer against any advice

To the Yemeni government: Discard ointments, excise cancer against any advice

By Danial Hassan


Can anybody treat cancer by just applying some ointments on their body?!

The Yemeni government is under constant international advices and pressures to not prosecute the war and rather wait for Houthis to sue for peace. Tumors are excised, the only way to get rid of it. Trying otherwise with Houthis, I swear, is like trying to treat cancer with ointments.

Here are more detailed reasons why the government should not heed the advices for open-ended patience with Houthis until they decide to sue for peace

1-       Houthis are an extremist religious organization that, after the 2014 coup, has established a Zaydi theocratic dynastical rule under Abdulmalik al-Houthi in north Yemen and is now fighting hard to expand towards the government-held south and east. They have been sidestepping peace chances for four years while vowing to keep the fight "until the Day of Judgment." In fact, dynastical rule (for prophet Mohammed's descendants, presently al-Houthi) is why the organization came into being in the 1990s and fought and is still fighting endless wars. And in quelling any opposition or defections, they kill, torture to death, cut off limbs, mutilate bodies, drag corpses, snipe civilians and plant landmines in all places.

2-       The organization's history of signing peace deals and breaking them and signing new ceasefire deals and breaking them is counted by tens of rounds from 2004 onwards.

3-       The danger of the Iran affiliated Houthis to Yemen and the region grows bigger and bigger as time passes while Houthis are in control of north Yemen's territory and resources. Four years ago, they seized the capital Sana'a as a militia with no heavy arms of their own. Today they have obtained and been using unmanned drones and ballistic missiles.

Just this week, thousands of children have finished Jihadist education courses in the organization's Summer Training camps in Sana'a.  

4-       The cost of no-peace-and-no-war stalemate is already huge on the Yemeni people who have plunged into near famine conditions since the eruption of the war in March 2015.

As it presses the Yemeni government to keep waiting open-endedly for Houthi yielding to peace, the international community is ignoring what longer stalemate means and what impact it leaves on the world's already worst humanitarian crisis in Yemen.

The four year war in Yemen has been punctuated with several pauses to give peace a chance. Houthis showed - sometimes frankly sometimes by tactical deceptions - that they are not for peace that will lead to them becoming a mere one stakeholder among the stakeholders.

With such a maximalist and cunning (local) Jihadist organization, the shorter way to end the danger they pose and the suffering they cause to Yemenis, is by defeating them militarily in a surgical quick offensive.

This is the typical advice one repeatedly hears from Yemenis to their government.









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