UN continues to 'stab the dead' in Yemen

UN continues to 'stab the dead' in Yemen


By Yaseen Khaled

A Yemeni proverb goes, "Stabbing the dead (body) is immoral." 

Houthis, the religious terrorist militia behind Yemen's unprecedented misery and conflict running for nearly five years, is again receiving UN aid.

The Houthis are the only warring party using landmines. Since the war started in 2015 they have planted hundreds of thousands of them across Yemen many are still a danger lying in wait for children and women as the government's pace of mine extraction fail to cope with the mine producing workshops and planting hands of the militia. 

The UN which has failed to force the militants to disarm and hand over north Yemen territories in compliance with the UN Security Council resolutions since 2015 instead continues to aid the militia by various ways and under various pretexts including in the name of "removing landmines"!

In 2017 the world body granted a subsidiary of the militia in the capital Sana'a $14 million as funds for an awareness raising campaign against landmines!

A few days ago (Tues. 28 May)  the UN Development Program announced providing 20 Hilux armored vehicles to the Yemen Executive Action Center, a militant-controlled agency, to support their purported mine action in Hodeidah, the Red Sea port city they had just finished turning into a mega mine field. 

The UN organizations continue to provide aid to the Houthis or through the Houthis knowing that such support will only end up in the military use and improvement of capabilities of the militia.  The extremist organization won't bother to use those 4Ws in any military purpose including in planting landmines!

The UN organizations know that for sure but maintains support for the Houthis, something on a par with "stabbing the dead" - the victims of this irresponsible militia. 

How many times the WFP (alone) has accused the militia of "stealing" aid and as a consequence threatened to suspend operations in Houthi-controlled Yemen?!

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