Yemen demands international organizations to be transparent

Yemen demands international organizations to be transparent

Alsahwa Net- Yemen government has demanded the international organizations working in Yemen  to be transparent and disclose their accounts,  threatening that it will sue those organizations that don’t commit to criteria. 

In remarks to Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper, Minister of Planning and International Cooperation Najeeb al-Awaj said that the Yemeni people are wondering how such assistances provided by donors are spent.

Al-Awaj said that some international organizations spend 25% of assistances on operational expenditure, while the international expenditure average  amount is 5%. 

He further said that a few organizations cooperated with the Yemeni government and provided their expenditure data, while most of them (80%) have not responded to the government’s demands.

He stressed that those organizations that do not respond and cooperate might be deprived from working in Yemen.  

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