Arab Coalition: Hezbollah provided Houthis with drones, rockets

Arab Coalition: Hezbollah provided Houthis with drones, rockets

Alsahwa Net- Spokesman of the Saudi-led Arab Coalition Turki al-Maliki has affirmed that Hezbollah provided the Houthis with drones and rockets.  

He said that Saudi Arabia will not be tolerant with targeting its soils by Houthi drones, stressing that the Arab Coalition will continue undermine the Houthis’ military potentials.

The Houthis have recently escalated drone attacks on Saudi Arabia. They  launched  on Sunday a drone strike on military hangars in Saudi Arabia's Jizan airport near the Yemeni border.

Furthermore, the Houthis carried out multiple drone attacks on Saudi oil facilities last week, days after Saudi Arabia said two of its oil tankers had been damaged in an act of sabotage.

 Saudi Arabia accused Tehran of being behind a drone strikes that targeted its soils. Saudi Arabia called for urgent meetings of the regional Gulf Cooperation Council and the Arab League to discuss escalating tensions in the region.



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