Houthis commit 132 violations over 12 hours in Hodeida

Houthis commit 132 violations over 12 hours in Hodeida

Alsahwa Net- The government joint forces in Hodeida said that it documented 132 violations to the United Nations (UN) sponsored ceasefire committed by the Houthis over the past12 hours.

A military source said that the Houthis breaching to the truce included shelling at residential areas and farms using artillery shells and machineguns. 

So far, the Houthis have committed over 21,000 violations to the ceasefire in Hodeida that included murder, shelling at residential areas and the use of landmines.

Elderly man died upon his release from Houthis’ prison

Alsahwa Net-Local sources in Amran province, north Sana’a, said that one elderly man died few hours upon his release from the Houthis-run prison.

Naseeb Saifan, 70 years old, died shortly following his release from the Houthis-run Central Prison in Sana’a.

Saifan was abducted by the Houthis on 25 January 2020 nearby his home and he was accused of smuggling individuals to the government held Marib province.

Last Monday, Saifan’ family heard knocking on the door and surprised to see their father without any information on his release.

Upon his arrival, he went to the bed and his wife was shocked to see him dead in the morning when she attempted to wake him up.

Saifan was forcibly disappeared for about nine months and was initially held at the Central Prison in Amran before relocated to Sana’a.

The family has no information about reasons of their relative’s death, and they believe that the Houthis might have injected him with something deadly that led him to pass away.

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