Headlines of Yemen News Websites

Headlines of Yemen News Websites



  1. Shabwa Governor renews call on UAE to evacuate Yemen’s natural gas liquefaction plant. Source: Multiple websites.
  2. President Hadi: Houthis have not implemented the terms of the Stockholm Agreement. Source: 24 Post.
  3. UAE warplanes launch air strikes on a sit-in place for protesters in (government-held) Shabwa. Source: Almashehad Alyemeni.

  4. Attempt to admit weapons by UAE vessel to STC militia has been foiled in Abyan. Source: Voice of Yemen.

  5. More than seven Houthi militants were killed south of Marib. Source: Alsahwa Net.

  6. President Hadi tells Griffithis: We are looking forward to concrete action on the ground away from advancing [certain] optics by the media and confusing the landscape. Source: Multiple websites.
  7. Prominent govt official [info Minister advisor Mokhtar Arahabi] issues strongworded statement against the UAE [for preventing Yemen from resumption of LNG exportation]. Source: Marib Press.
  8. Oil Minister: Shabwa is set to resume operating a number of oil blocks soon. Source: Bawabati.
  9. The GPC party sell their assets in Sana’a under Houthi pressure. Source: Almashehad Alkhaleeji.
  10. Fierce clashes erupt between government forces and the Houthi militia in Taiz. Source: 24 Post.
  11. [Frmr Premier] Bin Daghr, EU ambassador to Yemen discuss efforts to achieve peace. Source: Samaa

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