Press Summary

Press Summary


  1. Scores of civilians injured as several Houthi ballistic missiles hit Marib city this Saturday evening. Source of the story: Multiple media outlets.

  2. Twenty eight Yemeni MPs have demanded the President and the government to return home from exile. Source: Multiple media outlets.

  3. Demonstrators took to the street in Taiz demanding the government to end the dramatic collapse of the national currency. Source: Multiple media outlets.
  4. Presidential advisor bin Daghr tells UN Special Envoy: Continuing fighting in Marib in return for ceasefire inHodeidah is not logical. It is dangerous for the future of Yemen.
  6. A human rights organization known as HRITC said Houthis committed 131 human rights abuses in Taiz last August.
  7. Massive demonstrations against Houthis in Sana’a demand an immediate trial of a gang involved in the viral crime of torturing a young man by the name Abdullah al-Aghbari to death.
  8. Information Minister Al-Eryani says the notorious “crime of torturing al-Aghbari is reminiscent of the tragedy of thousands of detainees in Houthi-run jails.” Source: Saba news agency.

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