Newly recruited child solider killed in Al-Dhala’

Newly recruited child solider killed in Al-Dhala’

Alsahwa Net- Abdulaziz Al-Dharhani, a 15-year old child was killed in Al-Dhala’ following his recruitment by the Houthis.

Local sources said that the Houthis persuaded the child during qat gathering sessions and took him to the fighting front in Al-Dhala’.

The family to the child searched everywhere upon his disappearance and publicized his personal photo believing he was abducted.

The family went to the Houthis officials and they denied having any information about him, the sources said.

Yet, they were shocked by phone calls from the Houthis leaders offering consolation on the child's death.

The American Center for Justice (ACJ) has strongly condemned what happened to the child and other thousands of children who are being sent to the fighting since September 2014 by the Houthis to fight against the government's forces.

The ACJ said that Al-Dharhani's story reminds of thousands of child victims who are being taken to the fighting by the Houthis.

The ACJ affirmed that child military recruitment remains a crime that should not be tolerated.

The ACJ called on the international community to assume its role toward children protection in war-torn countries where the children are vulnerable to recruitment especially in Yemen and Syria.


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