Political parties condemn attack on demonstrators in Taiz

Political parties condemn attack on demonstrators in Taiz

Alsahwa Net-A group of political parties condemned on Saturday the attack on peaceful demonstrators in Taiz that took place on the same day.

In a joint statement, the parties said that such attacks represent unprecedented act in Taiz which has been recognized for freedom of expression and the use of peaceful means as a legal right for the people of Taiz.

The parties demanded the governor of Taiz, Nabil Shamsan to promptly investigate the attack against the march and hold perpetrators accountable.

They said that the attack forms an assault against all the people of Taiz and constitutes a form of thuggery flagrant and violation to the law.

The parties congratulated the governor for supervising the assumption of the new commander of the 35th Armored Brigade replacing the late commander Adnan Al-Hamadi.

The parties called on everyone to keep the army away from political disputes to enable the forces complete liberation of the country from the rebels.

The parties affirmed on the need to implement the government directives on taking all army units of out of the Al-Turba city to the military fronts and replacing them with the police forces to maintain security.

 The parties that jointly released the statement included the GPC, the Islah Party, the Popular Forces Union, the Arab Ba’ath Socialist Party, Justice and Building Party, the Al-Rashad Yemeni Party Union and the Federal Yemen Association.

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