Houthis’ landmines killed, maimed 800 people in Taiz

Houthis’ landmines killed, maimed 800 people in Taiz

Alsahwa Net-The Saudi landmines clearance project known as MASAM in Yemen reported this week that the Houthis landmines have killed and maimed so far around 800 people in Mawza’a and Al-Wazeiya districts of Taiz governorate.

Supervisor of the MASAM workforce in Taiz, Aref Al-Qahtani said in a news release that the demining teams managed during the past period, to remove over 16,000 mines, explosive devices and explosive remnants.

He added that all cleared areas constitute high valuable lands to civilians as they are residential areas or farms.

Al-Qahtani said that residents of the both districts were able to return home only one month ago following the clearance of their areas by the MASAM demining team.

He indicated that the Houthis have changed technical properties of the mines in the way that anti-vehicle mines kill also individuals which causes mass killing among civilians.

A human rights report said that Hodeida and Taiz are the ones worst affected by the landmines in Yemen.

Al-Qahtani affirmed that Yemen today sleeps on the largest field of mines in the world and the volume of the disaster will be unfold only when the war stops.

The Houthis have been the sole party that uses the landmines over the course of the ongoing fighting.

Reports say that the Houthis have planted over one million mines in more than 15 governorates.

The contaminated areas were mined with various forms of mines including anti-vehicle mines, antipersonnel and waterborne improvised explosive devices.

The Houthis contaminate areas with mines whenever they lose control of territory, a thing which causes great suffering among the civilians including death and maiming.

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