Houthis militants seize Islamic Relief office in Dhamar

Houthis militants seize Islamic Relief office in Dhamar

Alsahwa Net- Houthis affiliated militants seized on Monday office of the Islamic Relief Organization in Dhamar and looted food aides, local sources said.

The sources said that the Houthis officials in Dhamar registered names of their leaders and affiliates in the Islamic Relief Organization’s food-rations list.

The act comes amid worsening hard living standards to thousands of the displaced people in Dhamar with no access to the food aids because of the Houthis’ restrictive measures on humanitarian aides.

In last September, the Houthis removed names of 200 households from the food-rations list and replaced them with names of their leaders and members.

The Houthis manage the humanitarian food and medical aids through their office for Humanitarian Affairs Coordination which is run by Munir Al-Marwani, one of the Houthis’ leaders.

The government and the United Nations officials accused the Houthis in several occasions of blocking relief organizations from accessing the needy households.

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