Houthis to impose income tax on UN staff

Houthis to impose income tax on UN staff

Alsahwa Net- The Houthi rebels instructed the Tax Authority in Sana’a to impose income tax on the United Nations (UN) staff working in Yemen, the Saudi-based Okaz daily newspaper quoted a source from the Tax Authority.

The new measure requires also aid organizations to pay 20 percent tax on aid shipment at new customs points the rebels set up outside main cities in the northern part of the country.

The income and shipment tax collection will begin soon in the coming days at 20 percent per worker’s monthly salary. The same rate will be applied on total values of aid shipments.

The decision will be applied on both local and international aid organizations including the UN agencies, according to the same source.

Tax on shipments have to be paid at main entrances of Houthis-held areas or at Hodeida port, the source said.

Yemen’s effective laws exempt aid organizations from tax payment. However, the rebels violate such laws to maximize sources of income to finance their military efforts against the Saudi-supported legitimate government.

So far, the UN agencies in Yemen and other relief organizations have not reacted yet to the new decision.

The government says that the Houthis rebels obstruct aid originations from doing their humanitarian work and impede access of urgent food aid to millions of vulnerable people. 

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