Female protesters in Taiz: Save 30 detainees from death

Female protesters in Taiz: Save 30 detainees from death

Alsahwa Net- Female protesters in Taiz staged Saturday morning 20 July 2019 a sit-in in front the governor’s office demanding concerned local and international agencies to save lives of 30 detainees in Houthis-run prisons in Sana’a from death.

The 30 detainees who were illegally sentenced to death on 9 July 2019 by a Houthis-run court in Sana’a are at execution risk at any time by the Houthi militias.

The female-sit-in in Taiz against the death rule of Sana’a detainees was organized by the Abductees’ Mothers Association, a local NGO that provides legal support to victims of arbitrary detention and enforced disappearance.

“Everyone of the detainees that were ruled to death are innocent civilians. They are academicians and students who were arbitrarily arrested from homes and workplaces,” a statement by the association read.

It noted that the death sentenced detainees “were forcibly disappeared for several months and were subjected to severe forms of systematic physical and psychological torture.”

The association holds the United Nations accountable for taking no concrete actions towards release of civilian detainees. It affirms that the Houthi militants are accountable to male and female detainees’ lives and safety in their affiliated prisons and detention centers.

The UN Security Council Panel of Experts, a committee that was set up in 2014 to gather information on individuals and entities that threaten security of Yemen said in a report released last February that Houthi affiliated forces detain civilian individuals to swap them with Houthi fighters imprisoned by the government forces.

“Any detention of civilians solely as leverage for future prisoner exchanges amounts to hostage-taking which is prohibited under international humanitarian law,” read the UNSC report.

The report highlighted that 25 cases of civilian detainees that the UN experts examined, show that the Houthi affiliated forces violated the international humanitarian law and the human rights law through “arbitrary arrest, deprivation of liberty, enforced disappearance and lack of due legal process.”

It noted that other eight documented cases of illegal detention against civilians were forcibly disappeared and victims were put in unknown detention sites to their families for three months to four years. Fate of Five detainees out of the eight documented cases remains unknown to their relatives, according to the report.  

One part of the UN-sponsored agreement that was signed in Stockholm of Sweden last December states that the government and the Houthi rebels release prisoners.

However, the Houthis denied implementation of the agreement and demanded that the Saudi-led coalition ceases military airstrikes against their forces, lifts the arms embargo on Yemen, reopens Sana’a Airport and that the government pays monthly salaries to public workers in their held-areas.

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