Detainees’ female relatives stage a sit-in before Attorney General’s Office

Detainees’ female relatives stage a sit-in before Attorney General’s Office

Alsahwa Net- A group of political detainees’ female relatives have carried out a sit-in before the Attorney General’s Office on Wednesday 17 July 2019 in the temporary capital Aden demanding release of their family members.

The sin-in was organized by the Abductees’ Mothers Association, a local NGO that lobbies support to victims of illegal detention and enforced disappearance taken by local gunmen against civilians.

Women who participated in the sit-in have raised placards of their detained family members who have been confined in private-detention centers since the pro-government forces recaptured Aden from the Houthis rebels in mid- 2015.

They demanded the attorney general and the criminal court judge to take legal action for release of their relatives whose whereabouts have been unknown since their arrest as they are banned from visitation.

Female protesters have also demanded disclosure of findings reported by the fact-finding committee on enforced disappearance and illegal detention that was set up four months ago.

The women have also urged the attorney general to allow them to see their detained family members, grant them their full legal rights in detention and release whose who were set free by the prosecution.

Human rights organizations accuse the UAE which is a member of the Arab-led Coalition that fights for the government side and its affiliated local forces in Aden of running private detention centers for confinement of civilians.

The Abductees’ Mothers Association addressed in a statement of the sit-in, to the President of Yemen, the Arab-led Coalition, Minister of Interior and the Attorney General to do their job towards ending sufferings of detainees in pro-government forces-held areas.

The association has been organizing several sit-ins every week in front of key government officials’ offices and government agencies to free enforced disappeared people and illegal detainees.

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