Houthis-affiliated gunmen storm villages in Ibb, arrest civilians

Houthis-affiliated gunmen storm villages in Ibb, arrest civilians

Alsahwa Net-A group of gunmen affiliated to the Houthis armed group stormed in villages in Ibb Governorate, in central west Yemen, on Tuesday 16 July 2019, arrested a number of male citizens and took them to an unknown location, local sources told Al-Sahwa Net.

The sources said that the Houthis- gunmen stormed in a number of villages in Hazm Al-Udain district, west Ibb governorate and detained a number of local citizens.

Mahfood Al-Ba’ni, a Houthis-affiliated militant was the man that led the militants who broke into the villages and arrested the civilians.

 Adel Rashed Mohamed Abdullah Al-Asa’adi, Fawaz Moqbil Murshed Al-Asa’adi were among the arrested citizens, according to the sources who spoke to Al-Sahwa.

The Houthis have been intimidating people, infringing their freedoms and privacy since they led a coup against the government in late September 2014. 

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