Islah Party warns against mass execution of 30 activists held in Houthis-run prisons

Islah Party warns against mass execution of 30 activists held in Houthis-run prisons

Alsahwa Net- The Legal Department of the Islah Party has cautioned against mass death of 30 activists who were sentenced to death by a Houthis-run court in Sana’a on Tuesday 9 July 2019.

“The Houthis and anyone works for their side including judges will be liable for lives of the activists if the capital punishment implemented,” said the Legal Department of the Islah in a statement released on Wednesday 10 July 2019.

It added that taking such actions against civilians will backfire.

The legal department condemned in very strong terms, the mass death sentence ruled by the Houthis-run court. It says that the death sentence issued against the 30 detained political activists is one of worst forms of human dignity infringement and it is also an act of terrorism.

“This farce must be stopped,” the statement read.

It called on the government to exercise its duty towards defending citizens held captives in Houthis-run prisons that are vulnerable to illegal trials. It also asked the judicial authority to condemn such farce to maintain integrity and fairness of the legal system.  

It called on political parties, journalists and intellectuals to strongly criticize this crime and to lobby for halt of the death verdict.

It urged the United Nations, its special envoy to Yemen and human rights organizations to move quickly to halt this massacre against civilian detainees whose sole offence is their refusal of the Houthis’ coup.

“The international silence towards such crimes and human rights violations, has encouraged the Houthis to release such death sentences against civilian detainees,” the statement concluded.

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