Yemen forces thwart sabotage act in Socotra ​

Yemen forces thwart sabotage act in Socotra  ​

Alsahwa Net- Yemen coastline forces on Tuesday managed to thwart a sabotage act in Socotra port.

Socotra’s’ local authorities have spelt out that sabotage elements of what is called “the security belt” on Tuesday assaulted Socotra port and clashed with the coastline forces tasked to secure the port.

In a statement, the authorities affirmed that these elements were defeated and forced to flee, pointing  out that the port is now under the control of government forces.

On Tuesday, outlaws tried to attack Governor of Socotra Ramzy Mahrous and Fishery Resource Minister Fahad Kafayen in Socotra after Mahrous vowed to prevent any attempt to destabilize Socotra, stressing that Socotra’s population refuse any military forms outside the Yemeni army.

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