Yemen Parliament to form 18-member emergency government

Yemen Parliament to form 18-member emergency government

Alsahwa Net- Yemen Parliament is considering the formation of a 18-member emergency  government instead of 36 ministers who most of them are existed outside the state, a deputy speaker of Parliament told the Saudi Okaz newspaper.

Head of the Islah party’s parliamentary bloc Abdul-Razaq al-Hajari had called to reduce the number of ministries and reconsider the diplomatic and administrative appointments which was made on the basis of nepotism.

Yemen Parliament resumed Saturday its sessions in the city of Sayoun, Hadhramout governorate after four years of suspension due to the Houthi coup.

In the session attended by President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi, members of the Yemeni cabinet, foreign ambassadors and envoys, a new parliamentary board was elected.

Parliamentary sources told Alsahwa Net that over 143 members of Parliament attended the session in which Sultan al-Barakani was elected as a Speaker of Parliament.

Hadi delivered a speech in the session in which he described the parliament’s convention as “historic”, calling the Houthis rebels to work for peace and pointing out that the Yemenis are severely suffering due to their coup.

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