Houthis bomb stocks of WFP in Hodeidah

Houthis bomb stocks of WFP in Hodeidah

Alsahwa Net- A huge fire on Saturday broke out inside the stocks of the World Food Programme in the city of Hodeidah after the Houthis targeted them with mortars, local sources told Alsahwa Net. 

This incident came days after the UN World Food Programme accused the Houthis of looting trucks of assistances provided to the Yemeni hungry people.

WFP demanded an immediate end to the diversion of humanitarian food relief in Yemen “ after uncovering evidence of the practice in the capital Sana’a and other parts of the country controlled by the Ansarulah (Houthi) movement”.

“This conduct amounts to the stealing of food from the mouths of hungry people,” says WFP Executive Director David Beasley. “At a time when children are dying in Yemen because they haven’t enough food to eat, that is an outrage. This criminal behaviour must stop immediately.”

During their checks, WFP monitors amassed photographic and other evidence of trucks illicitly removing food from designated food distribution centres. They also found that the selection of beneficiaries was being manipulated by local officials and that food distribution records were being falsified. It was discovered that some food relief is being given to people not entitled to it and some is being sold for gain in the markets of the capital.

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