Western media portray causers of Yemen's misery as victims

Western media portray causers of Yemen's misery as victims


By Yaseen Khaled

Most of the US and British media outlets covering Yemen's conflict and the concomitant suffering seem not concerned with the principle of truthfulness.

Covering the conflict between the Arab Coalition-backed government and the Houthi extremists since March 2015, these websites and TVs have been portraying the causers of this Yemeni misery, the Houthis, as victims.

Houthis had sabotaged the historical National Dialogue, mounted a sectarian military coup and ghastly bloodsheds months before the Saudi-led Arab Coalition intervened upon Hadi's request.

Ever since, the Washington Post, the New York Times, the Guardian, the Independent, the Associated Press, Reuters, the Antiwar and many more websites, have consistently been attributing the start of the war to the Arab Coalition's "bombing campaign."

Is there a more blatant standing of facts on head than this?

Relying on sources from the Houthis or under the influence of Houthis in Sana'a, the media go on to mislead the audience that the Coalition's airstrikes target children mostly and deliberately.

These journalists are misleading (only) the US and European audience, keeping them in the dark about the fact that Houthis maintain a manpower of mostly radicalized children who kill children.

The Houthis are the only warring party that uses landmines and hundreds of civilian casualties have been incurred in different parts of the country as a result of mines.

The Houthis are the only warring party that committed premeditated killing of civilians as part of a collective punishment against pro-government cities; snipers of the theocratic Islamists have killed and maimed hundreds of unsuspecting civilians in Taiz, Yemen's forgotten city of two million people, since they laid siege around it in March 2015.  

 This city is even suffering famine-like conditions and the epidemics of cholera and dengue fever as a result of the siege that bars the entry of basic food and medical provisions.

The media never ever mentions that city which suffers at the hands of Houthis. They however have deafened our ears over Sana'a airport which Houthis want to be opened by the Coalition to use for military purposes.

Most of the humanitarian aid comes to Sana'a through the Houthi-held Hodeidah seaport and the extremists cream them off and sell them to raise additional funds for the war effort.

As a maximalist theocratic group, the Houthis harbor the intent to never share power and to prevent any attempt to transform Yemen to a democracy. In fact they have been entrenching the belief among their followers that democracy is a "pagan" system of government.

Yet the media portray them as revolutionaries and freedom fighters.

By this war the Houthis want to reinstate the pre-1962 Islamic state of their theocratic ancestors who had ruled Yemen for one thousand years under the blade of the word.

Yet these media present them as a marginalized group!

In a way difficult to understand, these outlets are standing all the facts of Yemen on head. They are showing the authors of Yemen's misery, the Houthis, as victims and demanding that the Arab Coalition's intervention to rescue the Yemeni people to be stopped!



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