Senior military official survives assassination attempt

Senior military official survives assassination attempt

Alsahwa Net- A senior military official survived today, Wednesday, an assassination attempt in the temporary capital of Aden.

Local sources told Alsahwa Net Brigadier General Musfir al-Harithi escaped an assassination attempt in the southern city of Aden.

The sources affirmed that gunmen on a motorcycle shot fire on al-Harithi’s car while he was driving in Khoor Maksar of Aden.  

They further said that al-Harith was not hurt and the gunmen managed to escape.

Assassinations terrifyingly plague South Yemen. Hardly a day goes by without  a the assassination of political activists, journalists, teachers or civilians.

Aden and other southern governorates have been witnessing a wave of assassinations against activists of the Islah party, mosque preachers, government soldiers and political activists. All the assassination cases remain an unresolved mystery since no one case was investigated into or any arrests in connection with the crime were made.    

Security services in South Yemen remain silent. No actions were taken so far to put an end to these assassinations which mainly target those people affiliated with the Islah party.

On Friday, the well-known journalist Zaki al-Saqldi was assassinated in the city of al-Dhala’a by unknown gunmen.

On Wednesday, Mohammed al-Shojayna was found dead, bullet-ridden, chained and blindfolded hours after he was reported to have been abducted by gunmen near his house earlier this Tuesday as he was heading to his work in the CSSW in Aden.

Last week, the Yemeni political parties issued a statement in which they expressed deep concern at the criminal assassinations carried out in the temporary capital of Aden and other governorates against dozens  of social, political and military figures, resistance leaders, religious scholars and mosque imams.

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